Our claim


The partnership-based co-operation is not only part of our self-image and daily activity, but rather the basis of our successful work regardless of whether we act as a builder, project developer, consultant or transaction manager.

Team spirit, playing together at eye level, hand in hand – in our own team as well as with our clients and partners, are important to us and we act accordingly. A handshake counts, a word has weight – transparent and co-operative partnership from the beginning until the completion of the project.

A strong and reliable network has grown from this attitude, with partners from all areas of the real estate industry. In order to realize our projects, we rely on a team of experienced engineers and construction companies. We work hand in hand with architects, who pursue and realize our goals both in design and quality, as well as with innovative and economical solutions, creativity and passion.

We count on our team – whether it’s to do with procuring building permits, urban developments, new construction or the structural restoration of existing projects.


Every project is unique, the tasks are complex, individual solutions are required, and yet we are constantly acquiring new knowledge for our next project.

With our experience in multi-storey residential construction which has developed over decades, we know the challenges and can thus identify and avoid risks, contribute constructively to planning solutions and actively support our knowledge both with tenders and on the construction site.

With sound expertise, extensive project experience and human integrity we design custom-made solutions for every construction project and every challenge including planning or financing concerns, questions regarding possible funding, finding the right specialist planner or, for example, contracting companies.


“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” John Ruskin.

Architectural quality and good urban development have an effect on one's own wellbeing and form a valuable foundation for an urban identity and a liveable environment – we recognise the social responsibility and want to make our contribution towards it.

The identity and location of an emerging house in the fabric of the city plays an important role as well as careful planning and property surveillance and monitoring the qualities, the budget and the timeline.