Social commitment


The BFW Landesverband (regional association) Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. is the association of the private entrepreneurial real estate industry in North-Rhine Westphalia and a member of the professional association BFW Verband (association) of the free real estate and housing industry.

Hohr Public Asset is a member of BFW and, together with about 200 other members at a national level, represents the interests of the medium-sized property sector at all political levels and is a respected expert for housing and housing policy questions.

Off Road Kids

Since 1993, Off Road Kids has been an aid organisation for street children in Germany which offers young people new opportunities and is active nationwide.

The Off Road Kids foundation does not receive state subsidies and operates their own ‘Streetwork’ stations in Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund and Cologne. These stations offer online consulting, a parents’ counselling hotline and the systemic parent and family counselling “Family Restart”, a children's home and the Institute for Pedagogy Management (IfPM).

The basic objective is the best possible, long-term perspective for every young person in their care. The aid organization attempts to build a bridge for street children and homeless youth from the streets of large cities to parents, family members and youth welfare offices in their original homeland.

Donations make this nationwide aid possible and are urgently needed. Every donation makes an immediate impact.

We have proudly supported this invaluable and professional ‘Streetwork’ effort for many years.

WID - Wohnungsbauinitiative Düsseldorf

The Wohnungsbau Initiative Düsseldorf (WID) is the association of independent property developers and project developers, as well as other independent legal or natural persons who are active in Düsseldorf and work for the private Düsseldorf housing industry and represent their interests.

Hohr Public Asset is an active member of the Wohnungsbau Initiative Düsseldorf since 1999.



In 2010, Ingo Kronenberg, Jean-Paul Hohr and other sports-loving real estate professionals founded the EXPOBIKE initiative and the Immosport e.V. association. Since 2011, the two founding members have organized road bike stage trips to Munich for the real estate exhibition ExpoReal.

In the first year of Expobike, about 100 professionals made their way to Munich by bike from Cologne. Since then, other starting locations have included Friedrichshafen, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

Today, EXPOBIKE offers the real estate industry a broad platform made up of various sports events, business events and even parties. In addition to mountain biking, jogging, skiing, golf and hiking, other sports have also been added to the itinerary.

Every year, more than 100 events are hosted by EXPOBIKE.