since they no longer can afford to meet the urgent need for subsidized housing on their own. We have specialized in assisting investors and builders through the process of creating subsidized housing.

We have years of intensive experience in the area of subsidized housing, not least because we regularly act as the investor ourself.

Many developers and planners are not familiar with the stringent regulations and requirements that need to be taken into account when planning and implementing subsidized housing.

This isn’t just about filling in forms and applications, but rather it’s about taking into account requirements in planning as well as processes during the realization. While many architects and builders are aware, for example, of the procedures and requirements regarding DGNB or LEED certification, the approach and regulations in the area of subsidized housing are often new territory. We cover this specific expertise, close the gaps and support the success of the project, in which we, like the LEED inspector, support projects in the area of subsidized housing from the beginning.

Among other things, our tasks include the co-ordination of the residential mix and the room program, as well as the co-ordination of the floor plans and all ancillary areas. We support technical details such as accessibility. During the building phase we document devices and substructures for facilities that are suitable and functional for disabled persons and document the construction progress for the authorities. We create textual construction descriptions, especially for financiers and investors. We negotiate with authorities and we submit applications for funding.

We support you fully and carefully throughout and together with you and your team, we ensure the project's success.

Our consulting often starts with a thorough analysis before the project is implemented, which provides a good basis for decision-making for builders and investors, as well as financiers. We consult and support the entire planning process, as well as the process with the authorities.

Furthermore, we often act as project partners and cover the entirety of the subsizided housing construction, which is imposed by the cities and municipalities for new housing projects, for our builders.